How do you start the first blog for something you have worked over and over in your head so many times, you struggle to remember when it all began?

To see something take shape that you have imagined for so long is simply mind-blowing.

We now welcome you to The Ocean Ambassadors. This site is purely dedicated to a program that is to design and promote next generation municipal scale utilities. It is our hope that through this program we can educate and facilitate on creating local jobs, close landfills and anchor renewable energy systems.

As I pass through first world nations, I guess I could see how some would think that this program is unnecessary. In most peoples minds our topics are in action.

Visiting home last year, in the area that my family lives, you will see almost everything involved in our program, taking place. I was in shock.

The garbage bins have shrunk, and the mandatory separation of all household waste is exquisite.

Everything from the local cultivated biomass going to digesters. All waste cooking oil being refined for biodeisel, plastics being upcycled into pallets, benches or even our clothing!

Where Moana rests (Brisbane Australia) you will see an extremely well thought out and executed system of solar power on a domestic scale. Where everyone can generate electricity on their rooftops, during peak input hours it goes back to the system and they receive credits to subsidize their power bill.

Passing through to see friends in Raglan New Zealand a couple years ago, I witnessed the local reaction of a large wind-farm being put in place; it was not welcomed with open arms. But, last year as I was picking up Moana, I passed again and the peoples have come to realize what the “eye-sore” represents.

In the pacific islands, where everything is abundant in natural power, we simply don’t see this in action.

Sure, at times you may see the odd solar panel, wind farm, a basic recycling program not in full operation, maybe some composting, a small hydro generator or even the odd farm to cultivate Bio-fuels.

Through this program we will bring these technologies to the people. We will work with the youth and engage the local ministers. Giving them real time experience to understand how it works, and make an educated decision on how to proceed for their future.

How can you be part of keeping your ocean’s clean and the Islands green?

Become an Ocean Ambassador; this program is fully operated aboard Leisure Activist Group’s flagship S.V. Moana.

After the warm reception of our clothing, we have decided to expand.

In an effort to become financially independent, and eventually support the organizations we visit and work with throughout our journey, we have co-branded clothing items made from people doing the hard work.

As I write we have:

Signature t-shirts – Made from rPET bottles.
Messenger bags – Made from used sail material
Board shorts – In Development (hopefully made from recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets)

As usual we still have:
Trucker hats – Tope selling item of 2012
Stainless Steel Water Bottles – To reduce the use of single use plastic
Kite boards – Hand crafted with organic paulownia or custom shaped surf models.

If you truly want to be member, take a chance to see our options