Volunteer Voyaging & Placements

Come aboard and be a part of the solution

Educate: Visit local villages and present our educational resource packages regarding waste plastics in our oceans. Everything from the cause and effect of marine debris, to why/how we recycle and inforgraphic hand-outs for local communities to learn from.

Empower: Leave everywhere better than you found it. By personally engaging with developing nations and leaving them with the tools to succeed.

Enjoy: You will be literally sailing on a 38ft traditional double hull voyaging canoe. Snorkel, dive, surf, paddle or simply relax on our spacious deck’s.

Learn: “The only source of knowledge is experience.” Albert Einstein. Living in first world countries and enjoying all the advancements of modern technology can provide a level of complacency. Aboard our flagship it all slows down and we take the chance to learn from other people who have a more simple and natural value system. Our vessel is a traditional design gaff rigged schooner, you will power yourself from wind, the vessel with solar and your soul with goodness.

We are now opening spaces for volunteers to voyage with us throughout the pacific region, learn about the issue and personally effect change.

Throughout our time in Fiji we have been featured by:


Groups under 6 will live-aboard with us on S.V. Moana while larger groups will be placed ashore with partner accommodations and local villages.

All basic expenses covered while with us included in pricing.

Pricing from $1,000 a week

2018 dates and locations

May – August  Fiji islands

September/October  Tonga

November – Samoa

December/January – Northern Cook Islands

February/March –  French Polynesia

Pricing breakdown

1-2 weeks $1,500 PW

3-4 weeks $1.250 PW

Over 4 weeks $1,000 PW