We came through the leads at Newcastle harbor around 1:00 a.m. moments before the grunty 30 kt southerly kicked in.

It was our final leg with new deckhand Ivan McFayden dropping him in his home port and our entrance back into city life.

Moana tied up behind the Maritime center and the crew rushed back up the coast to clean Port Stephens.

With a great showing of nearly 200 at the film night, it was straight to bed for us. For the Next day was going to get real!

Moana was welcomed to Newcastle to be a featured guest at the National Maritime Festival on Australia day!

Thousands of people swarmed the dock and came by for a chat. Her traditional Polynesian lines and having a magic box that transforms waste plastic to fuel was enough to draw in the masses.

It was a but hectic, with air force flybys, wakeboard demos, Tugboat Ballet’s and even the quick and dirty boat building race.

Not our normal hang-outs but definitely a day to remember of our voyage.

Our beach clean-up was with the brand new Surfrider branch for the Hunter Region, a great showing of all ages were had.

That evening we had standing room only at the Newcastle Museum, for a night screening of Trashed and community discussion before heading south to the Central Coast.