After a few glory sails down the coast, our forecast finally shut down. With expected light seabreezes and a lot of miles to cover. We set off from Port Macquarie in the early Dawn.

Though southerlies battled us and forced us to motor down the coast. We finally arrived on the dock 1 hour before our show, and were greeted by some of the most amazing people we’ve met. Tim went to clear our arrival on the dock and the marina manager was actually star struck!

“I’m a huge fan mate!”

We have fans?

A great film night at the local library, huge turn out at the beach and yacht tour was enough to send us packing with the sense of a job well done.

Only 20 hours after tying up in Forster we were back at sea bound for Newcastle and to beat a massive southerly rearing its head down the coast.

Luckily we had the assistance of a new friend and NSW based Marine Scientist Pete Davies for the journey!