After two glorious events in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, we moved on to the greener pastures of northern NSW.

Saying goodbye to highrise buildings and over populated coastal areas.

But not without a wee bit of effort.

The weather gods were against us and Moana was forced to battle southerly winds. Luckily our wonder volunteer Eve Kirkwood helped out where she could. Poor old Mr. Silverwood had vehicle troubles as well, adding large amounts of stress to the events and a possible miss to the upcoming destinations.

But with a little luck and some perseverance, we made it all happen. So far.

Byron Bay had an amazing turn out for the clean up, and a large audience for our screening.

Our next day with Seabird Rescue in Ballina was beyond what we could all imagine. Timed perfectly with a scheduled release of a Sea Turtle named Cruz who had been re-habilitated from waste plastic’s causing sickness. Hundreds upon hundreds joined us on the beach to see Cruzy off and I swear Tim may have shed a wee tear.