The day has finally come and the tour is on.

What started as a proposed journey of all the environmental groups stretched between Brisbane to Sydney, is now under way.

4 months of logistical nightmares (and many happening in the moment) we are coming to a town near you!

Tim Silverwood has gone the extra mile and brought everyone together to have our message herd.

Tim’s Message:

Take 3 pieces of rubbish everytime you leave the beach, and contribute to keeping this coastline clean.

Educating on the harmful effects of NOT doing this.

Ocean Ambassador’s Message:

Cleaning the Ocean’s is ACHIEVABLE through:

  1. Stopping debris from entering the Ocean and make it into clothing with Leisure Activist Group clothing.
  2. Turn the other waste plastics into an alternative fuel to create revenue for clean-up efforts.

With Brisbane and the Gold Coast events finished we now enter our full-scale voyage to bring the peoples our tales and experiences.

Spread the word and bring yer friends. It’s time we all stop “talking trash” and move into a stage of solutions!

Much Love::

Capt Adrian Midwood.