“With our world still spinning on the heals of The Talking Trash Tour, a wunder team arose from the depths and made our choice simple on where to go next.

There has been some interest before, and some talks about a full length film. But what better way to test the waters than go to sea and put it out there for the peoples.

Our lovely presenter for the Talking Trash video, Laura Wells, was first to put her hand up.

Next was the amazing, talented and straight up achiever Marine Scientist Rochelle Ferris.

So we had a presenter and a partner scientist, but what about the adventure and music? That’s when Nick Saxon appeared in my life.

After the tour finished, Moana and I found ourselves sailing north to wash off the city and anchored up on the southern tip of the central coast. It turned out some friends (Actually Mandy from Take 3) had a friend who was going to play a gig at a neighbours house. Just simple laid back vibes and good music.

Nick nailed his set and kept the whole backyard captivated with his stories, extremely engaging and an all ’round fun guy to have around.

So I asked, “You want to work on a mini series with us to clean the ocean and highlight all the super important scientists and organizations in the south pacific battling marine debris?”

He said “Uhhh, yeah that’s my full passion!”

I came at him with “Do you reckon you could get your contacts at Nat Geo adventure to pick it up?”

He hmmmmed and haawwwddd “We’ll need a pilot first, but after that I can send it over and see what happens.”

Good enough for me!

So hear we are again, self funding another strong campaign for good with an exceptional team!

Leisure Activist Group clothing is now producing quality Corporate Wear and private Branded active wear for yoga studios and gyms.

We even said, “Hey, you want to support this vision, then we’ll put yer logo on the YACHT!”

So pass it around people, let everyone and anyone know that this mini series will not happen without YOUR support.

Have a look at http://startsomegood.com/theoceanambassadors and find out how you can help!”