Schools Program

We’d like to announce two new exciting was for schools to engage with the global issues surrounding marine debris, and wasteplastics in our oceans.

One: 7 day voyaging excursions aboard S.V. Moana

We have opened our flagship, S.V. Moana for 400 students this coming year. Specializing in 7 day voyages in Fiji. Visiting islands and collecting rubbish is only part of the journey. You’ll learn how waste plastic travels around the world, affects wildlife, photo degrades to microscopic size and ends in our food stream. Collecting data and physically processing the waste collected on beaches to second life products are where you get to do your part towards a cleaner ocean.

During the week, students also get the chance to learn the ropes on Moana, our 38ft traditional double hull voyaging canoe. She’s lashed together and carries a gaff-rigged schooner for sails. All students get to learn about navigation by the stars,wave patterns, sea birds and other celestial bodies. It’s this connection with nature that prompted Ocean Ambassadors founder, Capt. Adrian Midwood, to start the organization and its what gives him the motivation to keep going.

For a sample itinerary you can visit:

Two: School engagement program

With the ever-growing consciousness on the effects of waste plastic in our oceans, you can now participate in your everyday practice. With multiple levels on offer, there’s something for every school. Even up to having a personal visit on-sight for presentations, a hands on audit and solutions manual to keeping your learning center as low impact as possible.”

If you would to discuss in more detail feel free to contact us