Saving Moana

Before the movie, there was S.V. Moana. Well in all honesty, there’s a lot of S.V. Moanas.

Anywhere you go in the Polynesian triangle, this word will pop up often. It simply means “Deep Ocean.” If you think about any island in the Pacific, it is surrounded by deep blue water, and is the lifeblood of everything within this region.

Our S.V. Moana has been the flagship for Ocean Ambassadors for over 5 years. Before joining OA she had sailed around the world 1 and ½ times.

For the past year S.V. Moana has been taking a break from long haul voyaging in the field while we have been working on Fast Track Fiji and has been conducting hands on conservation tourism in the Mamanuca Islands, focusing on waste plastics in our ocean.

As this has been a fun change of pace for a while, we would like nothing more than to get out amongst the communities of the Pacific region once again and be back to work.

With the words “Saving Moana,” it’s not just about saving the lifeblood of our Pacific Ocean, it’s also about bringing S.V. Moana back to the people.

For this campaign we have teamed up with Dr. Jennifer Lavers and Plastic Oceans Canada to make this a celebration of Canadians in the field.

Support these THREE leaders in waste plastic in our oceans!?

Ocean Ambassadors is still a small grass roots, on the ground organization. We hope that one day it can establish itself firmly and continue to develop hands on programs that effect change on a daily basis.

Community Fundraising:

Get pro-active and be an Ocean-Warrior to help support your fellow Canadians reach their goal.

Are you willing to take 1 hour and find as many Canadians as possible who will contribute $1 to help stop plastic entering our oceans, support top scientific research and learn more from Plastic Oceans Canada?

Here’s the challenge. Get the population of your workforce, team-mates, community or town to throw in $1

All you have to do is:

  • Get a tin
  • Download the fact sheet provided by Plastic Oceans Canada (Click here to download PDF: 530kb)
  • Visit your neighbors, sports team, classroom, local community and ask for $1
  • Forward collections to Ocean Ambassadors or direct through our Paypal link

You’ve now gone the extra mile! Rest well and know you are part of the solution to Plastic Pollution

If you successfully raise:

  • Over $25 we send you a re-usable bottle and cap pack
  • Over $100 we send you an item from our closed loop apparel range while supplies last
  • Over $10,000 you get a 5 day voyage on S.V. Moana during the route plan excluding flights

Team: “Saving Moana”

Captain Adrian Midwood
Captain Adrian MidwoodOcean Ambassadors Founder
Captain Adrian Midwood is from Maple Ridge B.C. He grew up in the surrounding areas of Vancouver and moved to Vancouver Island at 18 to learn how to surf. After the one summer he was hooked and spent the next 7 years traveling the world chasing waves and hitchhiking on sailboats to developing island nations seeking uncrowded perfection in warm water.

At 25 he became an offshore Captain and achieved his Ocean rating the following year. On his 28th birthday he bought his first yacht in the outer island of French Polynesia, Raiatea (most commonly known as the heart of the Pacific). It was while living on this boat he realized how much the ocean had given him in life so far, and he was now ready to dedicate his powers for good.

“I was young, I owned my own house/boat, and it seemed an appropriate time to change course and work towards my passion.”

And the rest is history, he has been at the helm for everything Ocean Ambassadors has done to date.

Dr. Jennifer Lavers
Dr. Jennifer LaversScientist
Dr. Jennifer Lavers is from Edmonton, A.B. Her interest in nature began at a very early age. Growing up, spiders, slugs and even ants were her best friends and she would spend months rehabilitating injured animals. Those around her suffered through the many hazards of caring for wild creatures, including sparrows nesting in the potted plants hanging in her parent’s living room. Years later, she enrolled in a Bachelor of Science at MacEwan University and the University of Alberta where she specialized in Animal Biology, obviously. In 2007, she went on to complete a PhD degree at Memorial University of Newfoundland in Marine Ecology. Always up for a wilderness adventure, data collection for her thesis meant four summers working on remote islands in the Canadian sub-Arctic with no power and no running water surrounded by noisy seabird colonies: it was heaven. In 2010, she was awarded a post-doctoral position at the University of Tasmania and moved to Australia to spend 3-years working with long-line fisheries to reduce their impact on seabird and sea turtle populations. Tasmania won a place in her heart, and she now conducts most of her research from the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies. Her priority is documenting and mitigating the impact of marine plastic pollution on the marine environment, with a big focus on remote islands and communities.
Emma Langson
Emma LangsonExecutive Director, Plastic Oceans Canada
Plastic Oceans Foundation Canada is a Federally Incorporated Not for Profit organization based in Vancouver, BC, working to promote the conservation and protection of the physical and natural environment, for the benefit of all Canadians by supporting research and education on the conservation, protection and improvement of the aquatic environment from plastic waste. Exec Director Emma Langson’s involvement with Plastic Oceans came from her natural interest in the marine environment having lived by the coast in the UK, HK, and now BC, Canada. Over the past 20 years she has had a successful career in Marketing, PR and Not for Profit Management.