Closed Loop rPET Clothing Manufacturing “Made In Fiji”

In 2013, Ocean Ambassadors founder Adrian Midwood, launched an apparel line named Leisure Activist Group, all made from recycled material. This was the world’s first “Cause Based Clothing” carrying the tag line “Cleaning the Oceans One Piece Of Clothing at a Time.”

The intention of this range was to build the necessary funds to implement recycling practice in island nations where nothing normally exists and send that very waste to become the clothes you buy.

Currently we are creating our first closed loop system in Fiji alongside various partners and aim to clean 40,000 lbs of plastic which would normally end up in the ocean!

Using recycled polyester fiber, rather than virgin polyester achieves the following benefits;

  • 85% less energy
  • 65% less sulfur dioxide
  • 90% less water usage

As we understand all nylon clothing sheds micro-plastics in the ocean with the wash stream. We have decided to only make clothing that have and always will be nylon based.

This was our first input into a commercial operation to create the in-house revenue stream necessary for our work to move forward. Rather than be thrown away, material economic inputs should stay in the economy for longer through sharing, reselling, leasing, and reuse as manufacturing inputs.  We are in a stage where we need to design products with re-purposing, reuse and recycling in mind.

If you are interested in working alongside us in apparel manufacturing feel free to contact us for any queries re:

  • Closed Loop Re-PET Apparel
  • Corporate Wear
  • Private label production
  • Uniforms

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