Research Vessel

S.V. Moana has been with us since January 2012. She truly is the little boat that could.

A 38ft double hull voyaging canoe, gaff rigged schooner. She has sailed around the world 1 and ½ times before joining the team, and has since been based in the south pacific island nations.

She has been our:

  • Office
  • Floating classroom
  • Freight carrier
  • Volunteer voyaging platform
  • Research vessel
  • Inspiration

If you require a survey class vessel with:

  • 2 x single cabins
  • 2 x double cabins
  • 100% renewable powered, w auxiliary option
  • All safety equipment
  • Full galley
  • Basic dive gear

Our founder has been based in the Pacific Islands since 2004 and has an extensive knowledge of the area and local partners.