Be a part of the Solution!

We at Ocean Ambassadors are honored to carry out the legacy of On Wings of Waste.

It is our hope that, with our hands on experience with:

  • Plastic to oil in the field,
  • Community engagement,
  • Educational resource packages,
  • Corporate social responsibility,
  • The replicable Fast Track Fiji program
  • Complete implementation of utility in Fiji
  • Consulting tour of 2014 (Australia, Lord Howe Island, Norfolk Island, Vanuatu, Fiji)
  • Assistance with building national scale waste re-direction scheme
  • Over a decade of on the water experience in these islands

That turning the key on a commercial grade mobile processing plant will be our next natural progression.

If our friend Jeremy Rowsell has inspired you to act and you wish to be a part of the change you want to see in this world, please view bellow our contribution packages:

 High FIVE: $5

Give the team a high five and know you were part of the solution!

 Perks: Name on the official HIGH FIVE wall on-board R.V. Moana Nui

 Sponsor a mile: $60

As this tour of duty will include 2 X complete tour of the Pacific Ocean, which is approximately 25,000 mi for each, we have done the math and decided to ACTUALLY sponsor a mile of this voyage, it will cost $60.

This is the perfect gift for any friend concerned with waste plastic entering our oceans, have 6 friends come together and each pitch in $10, or 12 friends at $5

When sponsoring a mile you simply contribute to seeing this mission move forward with ZERO funds being directed to merchandise.

Your perks include:

  • Official “Thank You” gold sealed and signed from the Pilot and the Pirate themselves Jeremy Rowsell and Adrian Midwood
  • Your name(s) on the official Plaque wall on-board R.V. Moana Nui. Knowing you supported the official CALL TO ACTION voyage to stop plastic entering our waterways.

 OA/OWOW official trucker cap: $30

With our official collaborative artist design by ­­Sonam Sapra you can walk with confidence and show off to all your friends, this made with r-PET and recycled polyester trucker hats. Be loud and wear it proud, business in the front, breathable at the back, for your everyday needs.

(We are completely aware r-PET fabrics shed microfibers of plastic into the ocean when put in the wash cycle, if this is an issue for you, please consider “How many times do you normally wash your trucker caps?” than buy one)

Includes: A hat!

OA/OWOW official T-shirt: $40

With our official collaborative artist design by Sonam Sapra made from certified organic cotton and ethically manufactured in Fiji, this light breathable super comfy T will have the whole neighborhood talking. Get onboard and be comfy!

OA/OWOW official T-shirt: $40 – #2

Let everyone know where your heart lays, check out our T-shirt #2 option.

Made from 100% certified organic cotton, it gets the point across fairly easy:


“This T-shirt helped clean the ocean”


OWOW website

OA website

OA/OWOW Official Bordshorts mens: $65

If you like the ocean then you might need a pair of shorts.

4 way stretch made from r-PET. Give plastic another lifecycle, promote recycling initiatives REDUCE landfill and enjoy the water in the most comfort possible.

(We are aware r-PET shed microfibers in the wash cycle, once we are aware of a non-synthetic material in which to produce functional boarshorts we’ll change, until then try surfing in a pair of hemp shorts)