The entire crew arrived over the last 24 hours and Laura and Glen settled into the amazing chalet supplied by Ponderosa. We set out to explore the island and were treated to a spectacular sunset at Puppies Bay followed the next morning by an equally impressive sunrise over Cascade Bay where Moana was moored.

Adrian and Ben were keen for a surf at Anson Bay while Laura and CJ set out on a beach clean up around the bay. Unfortunately they picked over 1000 individual pieces of plastic debris in around 20 minutes on the secluded beach. What goes in the ocean in Japan, Australia, Europe, anywhere can end up on the shores of any country no matter how big or small. Plastic knows no boundaries!

Radio Norfolk hosted Adrian and Laura where introductions and discussions on the Ocean Ambassador were heard around the island. We were also lucky enough to be toured around Emily Bay on Christian’s Glass Bottom Boats where an abundance of coral and sea life reside.

The RSL played host to the Ocean Ambassadors who presented solutions and information on waste plastic pollution and marine debris. The waste plastic collected earlier in the day at Anson Bay was converted into fuel on the deck of the RSL to the amazement of the many locals who attended the evening.

A huge thank you goes out to Andre from the Oceanic Economic Development Corporation for hosting this event and for organising our Norfolk Island stop. We also extend our thanks to Norfolk Tourism and Sustainable Norfolk for their contributions.