Mobile Processing Platform

Please take the chance to view the intended operation and how it can benefit our oceans directly.

100% of procedes going into operations.

Initial Goal: $1,000,000

By reaching this $1,000,000 mark we can guarantee the presence of a commercial sized plastic to fuel processor throughout the pacific-ocean for a 2 year term.

Alongside the presence of the utility we will offer the Fast Track Fiji program as proof of concept case study and provide a full-scale operations roadmap on how to achieve recycling practice in developing island nations.

This fundraising goal will cover all sides from purchase, shipping, project managing, outreach and expenses.


  • Purchase of commercial application capable of processing 220kg of waste plastics to 220kg of oil per day: $280,000
  • Purchase of PET crushing and hot washing application: $115,000
  • 24 month tour of application throughout the Pacific Ocean: $240,000 (shipping costs to 12 proposed locations)
  • Offering the replicable Fast Track Fiji scheme: Free
  • 30 Months project management team: $240,000 (4 fulltime members)
  • Travel and housing expenses 24 month tour: $48,000
  • Shipment of PET to final processing: $40,000
  • Additional administration costs: $13,000

Secondary Goal: $1,300,000

This secondary goal will enable the full build and commission of a custom designed low cost freight vessel operating on hybrid technology to minimize carbon footprint. If this goal is met, this vessel will then house the processor and carry it from destination to destination.

By achieving this mark, we can engage existing concept organizations focused on sustainable transport offering this design to reduce carbon footprint and enable more cost effective freight solutions to these developing nations.

Note: Over 70% of fuel imported into pacific island nations is spent on freight and transport, while little to ZERO waste plastic remediation currently exists.


  • 108ft Commercial Motor Sailor
  • Powered by electric drive and functional sail rig,  (estimated propulsion at 300 kW)
  • Solar panel deck for power generation to meet ships requirements
  • Hydro Generator
  • 2 X commercial wind generator
  • Capacity:
    4 X 20 ft containers
    80 Ton of mixed freight

Third Goal: $700,000

This final fundraising mark offers complete operations budget for 24 months of service throughout the pacific island nations.

To keep this operating budget achievable we aim to engage the various Maritime institutions for placements of their cadets to staff the vessel.

Not only will these emerging talents in the field gain essential sea-time and hands on experience, they will be immersed in a completely new field of renewable energy powered shipping.


  • Capt: 160.000
  • First Officer: 108,000
  • Chief Engineer: 140,000
  • Deck Officer: 84,000
  • Chef: 84,000
  • Food and provisions: 70,000
  • Flights for crew and relief crew: 40,000
  • Miscellaneous ship supplies: 14,000

Note: Ocean Ambassadors cannot commit to implementation of these programs until each funding goal is met. $500,000 will be the tipping point for Goal #1, if we do not reach this goal, all funds raised will be directed to current on-going campaigns to “Create Jobs, Close Landfills and Anchor Renewable Energy Systems.” Fast Track Fiji being our #1 priority with waste plastic remediation.