“21 days, it’ll take ya” Was Harold the pirates departing words for us.

“Nah, the forecast is pretty glorious, we’ll be there in 6.” Was my response.

And Karma ensued.

Every time you claim a surreal passage before you set to sea, nature will show you who’s in charge.

We got smashed, hard driven gusty south easterlies drove us north of mainland Fiji and deposited us in the forgotten islands of Rotuma 600 miles north.

After exploring this outpost, we gambled and headed south. We were in light trades, than becalmed, for two full days. Even drifting backwards past where we came from.

And then the southerly came again. Beating upwind in a raft is not an ideal situation. But we got there in the end, 21 days later.

Fiji was supposed to be a pass through, it was time to shut down for a while and recharge the batteries.

Than it happened.

A perfect storm scenario appeared and we were asked to stay. Friends who knew what we were doing spread the word and it was almost like the country was waiting for us to arrive.

A slow start to easy conversations led to introduction to business owners, concerned locals, government officials and even some high up types with some very large companies.

It turns out we are staying here folks.

Fiji is ready to embrace the Ocean Ambassadors and turn the page on keeping their hundreds of islands clean.

Stay tuned as we launch the Fast Track Fiji program that will change the course in dealing with waste plastics and processing locally.

This country is flooded with world-class waves, steady trades, superb diving and wonderland of islands and culture. Episode 2 of The Clean Oceans mini series will document it in full as we travel through and write the book on how to take a stand on having a clean ocean.”