Working alongside the Australian High Commission, The Ocean Ambassadors, have been seeking interested parties to invest in bringing commercial grade plastic to oil processing applications to Fiji for a long-term installation.

Plastics are all made from a petro chemical base and therefore reversing the process is not that difficult.

It is in operation in over 80 locations worldwide, and has a processing capability of up to 20 tons a day.

There are pilot projects in works from various universities as well as the UNDP.

We advocate and educate on this technology as a solution to island nations as it provides a real-time solution to effectively processing these “waste materials” locally and providing an end product that has a high demand in all locations.

Though we would prefer to see a world predominately powered with renewable energy alternatives, we find providing a system to ensure plastics cannot enter the ocean is of the utmost importance.

As it is a low-sulfur burning content fuel and recorded as environmentally friendlier than standard diesel, we feel this technology offers us an option for the time being before we phase into plastic alternatives that are bio-based.

Please take the chance to read over our colleagues report on this application:

And take a chance to view the basic commercial version that can process 220kg/day