Fast Track Fiji

With the support of the Australian High Commission, we stayed in Fiji with the purpose of engaging Hotels, Marina’s, Large Corporations, Government and the local communities of Fiji in assisting us to clean an entire country.

The Fast Track Fiji program has the potential to be a groundbreaking scalable model for every island nation to rid their shores of Plastic Pollution. With a unified effort we can restore fish-stocks, create local economy and dramatically reduce plastic entering our oceans.

The direct call to action approach and distributing the task loads to various parties enable this process to happen, when otherwise these islands are deemed “un-recyclable”

After our extended visit and developing the Educational Resource Pack, Data Collection Program, Corporate Engagement Pack, Hospitality Engagement Packs we have decided to stay until the job is done.

Working alongside local government, NGO’s, embassies and private sector we aim to effectively build the roadmap on keeping this nation clean.

Please take a chance to view the various levels of how we work on this program and feel free to contact us at anytime…


Stage 1: “Development and distribution of materials for education and best practice”

  • Educational Resource Pack
  • Data Collection Program
  • Corporate Engagement Pack
  • Hospitality Engagement pack
  • Pilot system servicing 15 locations
  • Community consultation: Ongoing consultation with live demonstrations of Plastic to Oil processor and Re-PET apparel

Budget: $60,000

Timeline: Aug 2015

Status: Documents finished and in distribution

All documents and guidelines available for free download here:


Stage 2: “Implementation of waste separation and collection”

Plastic Minimization:

  • Promote best practice
  • Reusables
  • Compostibal single use items

School recycling program:

  • It is of our opinion the next logical step is securing the development funds to build and service a national school programs for waste plastic remediation. By teaching this generation and task loading with them of training their homes, we can centralize all consolidated mixed plastics to drop points at the schools and minimize our need for the capital investment of a complete domesticated recycling.

Other centralized community points:

We are now working on commitments with:

  • Churches
  • Service Stations
  • Local Environmental Organizations
  • Markets
  • Chain retailers

Quantify available feedstock for local processing applications.

Requirements :

  • 3 X Commercial Vehicles
  • 1 X Commercial Freight Vessel
  • 6 X Full-time local staff
  • 1 X Project Manager

Budget: 1,000,000

Stage 3 Implementing local processing applications

Once we have assessed the available consolidated waste Plastic’s available in country we can than look into the variety of proven and emerging technologies best suited to Fiji.

Estimated Budgets:

Plastic to Oil:

Capital investment: $362,000 AUD


  • Purchase of utility
  • All electrical requirements for installation
  • GS Off Gas Filter
  • CE Mark Certification
  • Complete factory integrated conveyor system
  • Inline refinery
  • Off gas filtration
  • Installation set up and training

Closed Loop Apparel Recycling:

This Program was developed by Ocean Ambassadors to be revenue generating for expansion of recycling practice.

Capital Investment: 131,517 AUD

Includes 40,000 lbs of PET re-directed into fabric for apparel manufacturing and achievable return on investment opportunities.


Stage 4 Neighboring Island outreach

Please take the opportunity to view our proposed “Mobile Processing Platform” with the On Wings Of Waste program.