How many Canadians can we get to put $1 in to help three local leaders in the fight against plastic pollution in our oceans?

$1 Will make us holler! How many of your friends can you get to pledge $1?

$25 pack = 1 X Bottle 1 X r-PET trucker hat

  • Bottle, 1 litre food grade stainless steel Water bottle, says “I supported a clean ocean and all I got was this stupid bottle”
  • Hat, PET spun trucker hat “this hat helped keep plastic from the ocean”

* All merchandise will be ordered after Sept 15, expected delivery is Nov 1

Give aways and raffle:

If we reach the funding mark of $400,000 CAD (1 Full year of operation budget) we pledge to offer:

  • 2 trips for 2 aboard S.V. Moana for 5 days, all expenses paid, including flights

* All donors who contribute and write 1 paragraph about what the ocean means to them and why they want to help will be eligible. The best two descriptions will join us for 5 days in paradise learning how to preserve our Oceans, while sailing aboard our 38ft double hull voyaging canoe S.V. Moana.


Where it goes:

Operating costs of OA Breakdown:

$25,000 per month (basic breakdown for fieldwork)

  • $5,000 admin/back-end
  • $10,000 S.V. Moana costs (Equipment, spares, running costs, repairs, fuel)
  • $6,500 Crew wages/flights/costs
  • $1,500 food for Capt and crew
  • $2,000 printing materials and community resources


Goal 1


6 Month voyage in the field with S.V. Moana (Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Marshall Islands, Kiribati, Cook Islands)

  • All Vessel expenses
  • Crew costs
  • Visa and legal requirements
  • Production and distribution of Educational program
  • Distribution and management of Data collection program
  • Framework and consulting to local governments on waste plastic remediation
  • Live demonstration of the Blest technology plastic to oil machine
  • Community consultation

Goal 2


Dr. Jennifer Lavers field work visit

  • Flights to join S.V. Moana
  • Field equipment and supplies
  • 6 week research program
  • Written Paper on study
  • Research assistant costs

Goal 3


Complete retrofit of S.V. Moana to the original Green Island Model concept

  • Complete retrofit to become a scalable model for zero carbon footprint operation
  • 2 X 20hp equivalent electric engine for main propulsion
  • 1 X 15hp equivalent electric engine for support vessel
  • 5KW Lithium Ion battery bank including mobile unit for support vessel
  • 1 X wind generator
  • 1 X hydro generator
  • 1 X small model bio fuel cultivation farm
  • 1 X demonstration waste processing unit


Once all funding goals have been met, all additional funds will be consolidated and addressed on best possible action. Following in line with current initiatives and costs.

The priority for Ocean Ambassadors is to have S.V. Moana in the field working within the communities and facilitating a platform for Dr. Lavers work when appropriate.

Secondary options would be grant programs for the communities and even purchasing and installing commercial grade utilities.

Here are some of the programs we will be looking at once we have secured operating costs.

Goal 4


  • 40,000 lbs. of plastic remediation from developing island nation
  • 1 X 40ft shipping container
  • Educational program implementation
  • Shredder and compactor
  • Management of program, ran by local partner organization
  • Export costs of consolidated waste for recycling or offshore processing

Goal 5


Commercial plastic to oil conversion unit

  • 1 X 220kg per day end of life cycle plastic to oil processing plant
  • Shipping costs
  • Land requirements
  • Power supply for 12 months
  • Installation and consultation from engineers
  • Basic feedstock re-direction program