The Ocean Ambassadors

From a deep love of playing and working on the ocean The Ocean Ambassadors was formed. With the direct goal to provide a mobile educational platform to “Create Jobs, Close Landfills and Anchor Renewable Energy Systems” following Eco Soul’s Green Island Project.

After passing through many locations and collaborating with local NGO’s and scientists we found education was not enough.

Now working on full-scale implementations and project management roles, we are able to see through the programs and technologies we advocate.

We are interested in being strategic partners with creating an achievable plastics roadmap in Fiji that endorses a vision of materials reentering the economy; collate waste recovery solutions; and spread these concepts throughout the pacific region.

With the ever present reality that funding for environmental projects is scarce, The Ocean Ambassadors works on a business format specializing in engagement to enable these goals and work towards a self sustaining financial system, though utilizing development and aid funds for certain programs.

Currently focusing on waste plastic remediation, we provide:

  • Hands on demonstrations converting waste plastics to alternative fuels
  • Commercial scale local processing capabilities
  • Provide detailed educational resources
  • Assist and direct community outreach
  • Consult on and implement achievable recycling practice
  • Provide plastic alternatives and Bio-degradable solutions
  • Manufacturing of recycled and environmentally friendly apparel “Made In Fiji”
  • Closed loop up-cycling facilities

This team is now in Fiji building a scalable model for other island nations to replicate. With the goal of minimizing plastic pollution on all fronts and offer local processing facilities for economic and environmental sustainability.

With the success of this program we aim to offer this intellectual property for other nations who choose to take the responsible steps and work together for a clean ocean!

Highlights for 2015:

  • Fast track Fiji
  • Closed Loop Recycled Apparel “Made in Fiji”
  • Plastic to Oil commercial utilities
  • Australian Branch opening
  • Aquapower Expedition, Atlantic
    • Conservation
    • Outreach
    • Reconnaissance mission visiting:
      • Guadeloupe
      • Virgin Islands
      • Dominican Republic
      • Bahamas
      • Atlantic Garbage Patch
      • Azores
  • On Wings of Waste
    • Plastic oil flight from AUS – UK
    • Fundraising campaign for sustainable commercial ship to service pacific island nations with plastic remediation technologies

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